The scientific research outcomes and innovative contributions are better disseminated through technical and research journals. No doubt large number of international and national journals are already in place, nevertheless the quality of a good journal rests with its scope, continuity, indexation and citation. PEC being a regulator and promoter of quality higher engineering education, has a role to play for the promotion of quality research and innovation in the country, especially to support the local industry towards indigenous solutions and technology advancement. With this intent, PEC has taken initiative to launch a research and technical journal covering engineering and technology domain with emphasis on knowledge advancement and creativity through genuine research. It is technical journal covering the entire engineering regime with major focus on genuine research contribution in the advancement of knowledge and innovative solutions. It may cover technical, management and policy related topics in all disciplines and sub-sectors of engineering. In order to cover the wider-base of engineering sector, the journal may be split into different streams and/or sequels. This will help enhancing frequency of the journal.